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How does the wrap work?
The wrap consists of an all-natural herbal blend that absorbs through your pores into your fat cell. It detoxifies and breaks down the fat in the cell and extracts fat and toxins into your lymphatic system, which is then disposed as waste. This detoxifying method reduces the size of the fat cell, resulting in inch loss, toning, and minimizing the site of cellulite. It is very important to drink plenty of water to flush the toxins out of your body. If possible, experts say the best results come from drinking 1/2 your weight in ounces. (i.e. If you weight 140 lbs, drink 70 ounces a day during the 72 hour detox period.) Doing this will fully flush the toxins, and allow you to obtain the best results. Just do the best you can and know there is a purpose!

This wrap can be worn up to 8 hours. (The wrap can be worn overnight. When doing this, it is best to drink plenty of water for 2 hours prior to bedtime to flush the toxins that are extracted during the initial hour.) 80% of the wrap's herbal blend will absorb through the pores during the first hour. The body continues to detox during a 72 hour period; therefore, the results are most significant on day 2, with final results on day 3. Water should be consumed throughout the 72 hour time frame to flush all toxins released and obtain the best results.

How long does it take?
Everybody responds differently. 97% experience a result with their first wrap! The average loss of the first wrap is 1-4", but I have seen up to 13". The process is to wrap the area until you obtain your desired results, so that can differ for individuals. You may be happy with one wrap in one area, then need a couple wraps to obtain the results you want in another. Some areas are more stubborn and may need more than one wrap, this is common where fat has settled for a long period of time (i.e. thighs) Results are best obtained using one wrap at a time, so the water consumed can flush the toxins completely. Only apply one wrap in the same area during the 72 hour detox period; overlapping a 2nd wrap during that 72 hours will not improve your results. Your measurements after one hour of applying the wrap are only hour 1 of 72. Your body continues to detox for 72 hours, so the most significant results occur on day 2, with your final results on day 3 (or 4 if you apply in the evening). Measure daily in the morning, this is when your body is at its prime. The wrap doesn't take months to show a difference, it can occur in as little as one day! It's amazing how science and nature work together!

How much does it cost?
The retail price of one wrap is $25, purchased directly from me. If you become a Loyal Customer, you receive 20-50% off all products; wraps become 4 for $59! Shipments are delivered directly to your home! The commitment to become a Loyal Customer is small and easy to fulfill. You commit to purchasing a minimum of one product per month for the first three months, and there is no required minimum dollar amount! After the third month, it is at your discretion as to when you'd like to purchase. By continuing your Autoship, for every six (6) consecutive months, you will earn 10% back good toward product of your choice. The commitment is very easy to meet and they have a handful of amazing products to choose from! Once you meet the three month commitment, whether you are on Autoship or not, you will be a Loyal Customer for life, always receiving the 20-50% discount!

What kinds of wraps are there?
There are three kinds of Applicators: Body Applicator, Facial Applicator, and the Chin & Neck Applicator. The Body Applicator can be used anywhere below the neck. There are a variety of ways to use this applicator. It can be applied as one piece across larger areas, such as the waist, mid-section, and hips or across the back. It can also be cut into two pieces abd applied to smaller areas, such as the inner or outer thighs, calves, upper arms, gluteus (buttocks), chest, knees... pretty much anywhere you want to reduce inches and cellulite!

Where do I measure?
Choose the area you want to focus on and will be applying the wrap. Use a permanent marker to mark the areas you will be measuring, this will ensure consistency when measuring later. (The lotion removes most of the marker.) For the stomach, there are to ways to measure. Option 1: around the inner most part of your waist, level with the belly button, and around your hips. Option 2: measure around the belly button, then 3 fingers above and 3 fingers below. The wrap will focus on the area it touches. Measure with each new wrap application, and each day within the 72 hour detox period to monitor inch loss. The best time to measure is in the morning prior to starting your day. This is when the body is at its prime size and weight, making measurements most accurate. I always recommend taking "Before" photos so you can physically see the changes occuring, which will include tightening and toning which may not always be seen on the tape measurer, but will be seen in photos.

How do I apply the wrap?
Shower and exfoliate the area you want to wrap (a loofah works great), opening up the pores and removing any dead skin cells. DO NOT use bar soap, it clogs the pores, and avoid lotions where you wrap as they also clog the pores. Choose the area you want to focus on, measure around the body part using a permanent marker to mark where you measure. Open the wrap and apply the lotion side against the skin where you want to focus on, and smooth out the wrap. Wrap that area securely (snug) with saran wrap or spandex so the wrap doesn't move around; the wrap's herbal blend will not stain clothing. Leave the wrap on for at least one hour, up to 8 hours for best results. Once you remove the wrap, dispose of it and rub the remainging lotion into your skin. You can shower once the skin feels dry. To obtain the best results, wear the wrap for 8 hours. (If you wear the wrap to bed, be sure to drink plenty of water for the first 2 hours.) Measure the morning of day 2, and again on day 3. Remember, your body is in detox for 72 hours. In order to obtain the best results, DRINK PLENTY OF WATER! The body is detoxing during this time frame, and to have maximum results, you must flush them from your system. Do not apply the wrap prior to working out or being outside in the heat, sweat will only push the herbal blend out of your pores, therefore, defeating the purpose.

How do I purchase?
There are three ways to purchase.

1. RETAIL - You can purchase an individual wrap from me for $25 (add $5 if you require shipping). You can also purchase a box of wraps or any of the other products at Retail pricing. Pricing is available on the It Works website - the link is listed at the top of this page.
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